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Annual Awards Nomination Form ... Deadline: May 5, 2017
Nominate Your Favorite Home, Garden, Building, Park, Public Art!

Each year Santa Barbara citizens, residents, and visitors submit nominations for consideration by local judges for the annual Santa Barbara Beautiful Awards. Anyone may submit a property or project that they think is exemplary of what it means to beautify our city. Judges will review all notations based on pre-determined criteria that fall between Ortega Ridge Road and Turnpike Road.

Properties may be nominated in more than one category. There is no limit to the number of entries per person. Winners are selected by independent judges (based on merit, not on the number of nominations.)

Note: Only one address and category can be submitted on each form.

Nominated Property Address *required
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Category *required

Properties may be nominated in more than one category - check the appropriate box(es)
1. Large Lot Single Family Home:
Lot 1/2 acre & over
2. Single Family Home:
Lot less than 1/2 acre
3. Multi-Family Residence:
Condos, Retirement Facilities
4. Commercial Building:
Public Buildings, Hotels, B&Bs,
Mixed Use
5. Historic Revitalization:
Recently revitalized gardens and/or buildings with a historic character
6. Public Open Space:
Parks; Medians; Parkways;
7. Architectural Feature:
(one feature only) ie: Fountain, Decorative Tile, Stonework, Iron-work, Gate, Tower
8. Commercial Sign
9. Art in Public Places:
Murals, Sculpture, etc.

The Awards Committee reserves the right to adjust categories depending on the nominations received.


Property Owner (if known):
or Business Name (if applicable):
Optional - Submitted by (name and e-mail/phone):


  • Entries must be visible from the street or via public access.
  • Entries that are located on a private road and within gated private communities will NOT be considered.
  • Entries are eligible for nomination within the limits of Ortega Ridge Rd to Turnpike Rd, and the Santa Ynez Mountain Peaks to the Ocean.
  • Properties within ZIP CODES: 93101 · 93103 · 93105 · 93108 · 93109 · 93110
  • Properties that are for sale at time of nomination will NOT be considered.
  • Properties with hedges, tall fences, and gates that preclude an easily visible viewing
    will NOT be considered.
  • If property is new, renovated, or remodeled, construction must be completed at
    the time of nomination.


Please fill out the on-line form and submit it.


Please email:


Overall visual appeal; unified design between architecture and landscaping design fits within context of the neighborhood; environmental responsibility of design and maintenance; inventive use of space; appropriate spaces for intended uses; unique special features; inventive design for ADA accessibility (where applicable).


Nominations are now open for the 2017 Santa Barbara Beautiful Awards