Indigo Interiors

Year: 2019

Indigo Interiors – Business in Art Award – City of Santa Barbara Arts Advisory Committee


During their 30-year tenure on State Street, Indigo Interiors has served to advance the arts in myriad capacities in addition to their own excellent and distinctive design and creative work. Genny and Tom Cummings’ charming boutique has advanced the Santa Barbara community’s dialogue and understanding of beauty in both domestic and commercial spheres.

Genny and Tom Cummings
Tom and Genny Cummings
The Cummings’ commitment to engaging the creative and artistic community in SB is exemplary. As a flagship participant and leader in the 1st Thursday Art Walk, the Cummings curate and offer their walls to local artist for exhibitions and sales; they have also promoted and sold many works of local art to their design clients. Indigo Interiors served on the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization board for over 20 years. In this time, they helped support the iconic flag program, the Marketing and Culture Committee and the Décor Committee. As Décor Committee Chair, Genny helped oversee the design and production of kinetic sculptures that were installed along State Street annually during the holidays.

As dedicated community leaders and philanthropists, Indigo Interiors also committed to offering deep discounts on furniture items to those who experienced losses from the California Fires and subsequent Debris Flows. The Arts Advisory Committee is eternally grateful to Genny and Tom Cummings for their dedication to the arts, the downtown corridor and our community over the past three decades.