Alan Macy, SBCAST

Year: 2016

Alan Macy – City of Santa Barbara Arts Advisory Committee’s Business in Art Award

Award Winner

Alan Macy, Founder, Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science & Technology


Establishing a foundation for participants to coexist in a creative space, The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science & Technology (SBCAST) founders believe that Art, Science and Technology are intertwined. This year’s 2016 Business in Art Award recipient, Alan Macy, is the founder of SBCAST.

Fully creative, innovative, environments can be established by recognizing and embracing the links between these concepts. The ability to innovate, supported by a motivating environment, is encouraged when needed resources are present. SBCAST resources include community, communication facilitation, physical infrastructure and tools. The SBCAST founders believe that fusion collaborations, among “cylinders of excellence,” are required to solve vexing problems of human endeavor.