Community Arts Workshop Gates

Year: 2008 | Status: Active


In 2008, artist David Shelton was asked if he could spice up the Garden Street entrance to underscore the compound’s upbeat mission as a dedicated community arts space.

For more information, see this Independent article.

Workshop Gates Shelton drawing

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After years of temporary locations and increasing community needs, the CAW is poised and ready to launch the creation of this new permanent environment, with gallery, rehearsal, training and performance space, shop fabrication, and a center for collaboration and celebration.


David Shelton’s eyes shine when he talks about the gates. He’s animated and articulate like a cool art history professor on a roll as he excitedly describes the form and content of two wrought-iron 20-foot-high structures, unpacking mythic meanings dating back to Ancient Greece and Syuhtun’s (Santa Barbara’s) Chumash, meanings both suggested and obvious, astrological and scientific in the figured fence. They are connections that clearly excite him and that he wants you to appreciate. Santa Barbara Independent, Jan. 7, 2016

Collaboration / Other Funders

City of Santa Barbara, others

621 Garden Street
Santa Barbara CA 93101 US
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