Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS (SBAOR)

Year: 2017

Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS (SBAOR) – Jacaranda Award for Outstanding Community Service

SBOAR Santa Barbara Association of RealtorsThe phrase “Community Service” is synonymous with the name Santa Barbara Association of REALTORS. This organization is made up of 1,200 people dedicated to giving back to the community of beautiful Santa Barbara that they serve. SBAOR is more than 100 years old and has more than a century-old track record of donating to more organizations than we have the time to list here. Realtors are passionate about giving back to their community in gratitude for the privilege of practicing their profession. You will always see realtors on clean-up days at the beaches, and of course participating in all those walks/jog-a-thons for curing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and MS. SBAOR was one of the founding contributors to our beloved Unity Shoppe. For the past 23 years, the Association has held a yearly auction in December for the benefit of the Unity Shoppe. Many realtors staff the phones during the Unity TV pledge time.

They give generously of not only funds, but of their time. SBAOR is in their 8th year of the Annual Charity Golf Tournament. The 2017 recipient was Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table.

Donations to past Annual Charity Events include: Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation (2005), Children’s Story Teller Hour (2006), Hearts Adaptive Riding Center (2007), United Boys and Girls Club (2008), Hospice of Santa Barbara (2009), Hugs for Cubs (2010-2012), Teen Star (2013), Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table (2014), Alpha Resource Center (2015), and Sara House (2016).

Other organizations that SBAOR members contribute to are: Unity Shoppe, Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast, Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara, Computers for Families, Habitat for Humanity, Housing Affordability Fund, Housing Summit, NAR Relief Fund (benefiting Hurricane Katrina Victims, SB Sheriff’s fund, MAD Academy, Youth Interactive, Girl’s Inc., FoodBank, United Way, Domestic Violence Shelter. Children’s organizations are often the recipient of SBAOR donations.

The Golden Rule is included in the Realtor Code of Ethics. Realtors pledge to take grave social responsibility and are zealous in fulfilling that pledge. They take the “Golden Rule” to a high heart-felt level in believing in uplifting people in the community, as evidenced in a review of organizations that they support on a consistent basis.