Victoria Garden Mews

Year: 2019

Victoria Garden Mews – Green Multi-Family Home


The beautiful restoration of a two-story home with period architecture was incorporated into a new downtown condominium project, offering a new paradigm of urban living. Called Victoria Garden Mews to the public and home to others, the property has become an intentional community built by friends who abandoned their suburban homes in favor of a denser, more sustainable lifestyle.

Three couples found the site and designed and built what are essentially four custom homes that share a lush common open space. The owners chose to exchange their former acreage and privacy in the foothills and suburbs for access to urban amenities and a community-based lifestyle. They hope to help each other as they “age in place.”

The front house is a new and improved version of a Victorian home that had stood on the site for over 100 years. While having state-of-the-art efficiency and green building features, the house has been beautifully decorated by its owners to reflect the era of its predecessor and its two adjacent neighbors. It features a front porch integrated into the front living spaces. The street-facing garden nicely integrates into the downstairs living spaces. The well-maintained lot appears to be single-family at first viewing; the seamless flow of living and green space creates a welcoming home feel that blends historic architecture with creative remodeling for fun downtown living.

The back building is a new Spanish Colonial-style building with three single-story dwellings over a full basement. Each home has a unique floor plan with multiple outdoor balconies and custom interior finishes by its owners. The property is walkable to downtown and has edible landscaping with fruit trees, vegetables, herb garden, all connected with permeable walkways.

The buildings and grounds have been designed to be as resource-efficient as any condominium in the country, and they have achieved LEED Platinum for Homes status.


Property Owners
Mary Beierlie and Devon Hartman
Kathy Bush and Joe Bush
Jenny Cushie and Dennis Allen
Victoria Garden Mews & Condo Assn

Project Architect
Dennis Thompson, FAIA, Thompson Naylor Architects, Inc.
Suzette Naylor, FAIA, Thompson Naylor Architects, Inc.

Landscape Architect
Margie Grace, Grace Design Associates Inc.

Project Builder / General Contractor
Dennis Allen, Allen Construction / Allen Associates