1605 Mountain Avenue

Year: 2019

1605 Mountain Avenue – Green Residential Home – Small Lot


Thoughtful and distinctive, this Westside home on a small lot, is a unique blend of traditional architecture with modern sparks of different design features. An award winner in any neighborhood, the architecture and landscape design are in perfect harmony aesthetically, as well as, meeting the requirements to showcase a sustainable eco-friendly landscape

Livable and adorable, the landscape addressed all the needs for future sustainable residential landscape design. The textures and colors and height variations of the plants were beautiful. They used plant choices that were drought resistant, required limited maintenance, and then mixed in edible plants that were used in an aesthetic way to compliment the other plant choices. The rock fence and colors and use of materials for the driveway and ground cover were environmentally sustainable and supported the beauty of the landscape design. It is the choice of colors for the building and special features for the fencing, rainwater barrel for reuse of greywater and the green, freestanding landscape dividers provided unique, eye-catching elements to capture your attention. The permeable pavers at the driveway apron mounds slightly to hold the decomposed granite on the site and prevents water runoff. Rain barrels collect and divert rain into the garden rather than running off to the street. The parkway planting undulates between grasses and gravel to perfectly coordinate with car passenger doors.

This 94-year-old house, rebuilt in 2017, could be used as a model for other people in the community for landscape use and best sustainable environmental practices.


Property Owners
Bruce Hickey and Stephanie D. Poole, AIA

Project Architect
Stephanie D. Poole, AIA

Project Landscape Contractor
Ashley Farrell, Ashley Farrel Landscape Design

Landscape Architect / Irrigation
Robert F. Adams, Earthknower Studio

Landscape Maintenance
Israel Cedillo Rosas, Israel’s Landscaping

1605 Mountain Avenue
Santa Barbara CA 93101 US
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