209 East Islay

Year: 2019

209 East Islay – Green Residential Home – Large Lot


From the ground up this revival craftsman has class and offers a new sense of green. Named the Green Single Family (Large Lot) winner, this new home with a sense of history, is located at 209 E. Islay Street. With an overall visual appeal that improves the architectural sensibilities of the neighborhood, the home was “built from scratch” as its owner’s blog suggests (www.buildingfromscratch.com).

Three stunningly beautiful Canary Island Palms in the front yard anchor this handsome renewal of a 1904 property, which repurposed redwood from the original house into furniture in the new home.

Green touches and ideas abound; from a biofiltration system to drought-tolerant plantings in the landscaping plan, to 21 kW of solar panels, to the permeable driveway.

One of the great finishing touches, the home was able to salvage an original fireplace, keeping it in place and incorporate it into the new home design, uniting old and new harmoniously.


Property Owners
Peter and Lisa Camenzind

Project Designer / Architect
Douglas Leach, Douglas Leach Architecture

Project Builder – General Contractor
Charlie Alexander, Charles Alexander Builder

Project Landscape Architect
Nicole Horne, Courtney Jane Miller: LA

Irrigation Design
Erin O. Carroll, Landscape Architect

Project Landscape Contractor
Ken Koster, Quality Tree Care

Interior Designer
Jessica Risko Smith, JRS ID

Tree Installation
Doug, Mesa Trees

Tree placement
Phil Suding, Suding Design, Landscape Architect

209 East Islay Street
Santa Barbara CA 93101 US
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