Beebe Longstreet

Beebe Longstreet – Jacaranda Award for Outstanding Community Service

A multi-talented hardworking citizen of Santa Barbara, Beebe Longstreet is Santa Barbara Beautiful’s 2019 Jacaranda Award for Outstanding Community Service recipient.

Beebe Longstreet
Beebe Longstreet

Providing leadership and guidance as a Commissioner for the City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department for the last 24 years, Beebe Longstreet’s dedication to the City and its people has shown brightly. Beebe has functioned as an advisor during difficult budget sessions and participated in parks and recreation development projects, on her way to accumulating and sharing a deep knowledge of the City’s infrastructure.

A long-time Parks and Recreation Department advocate for clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing parks, and green spaces for youths and families, Beebe has volunteered countless hours while serving the community she dearly loves.

Her communication skills have served her well as the liaison to the City’s Street Tree Advisory Board, liaison to the Douglas Family Preserve Advisory Committee, liaison to the Front Country Trails Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force, liaison to Creeks Restoration/Water Quality Improvement Citizen Advisory Committee, liaison to the Parks and Recreation Community (PARC) Foundation, and during for her work on the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC). She was also a major contributor in building Parque de los Niños, a small neighborhood park in Santa Barbara’s lower westside.

Beebe truly has become the institutional memory for so many beautiful things that have happened in Santa Barbara. Please join us as we celebrate Beebe Longstreet. Beebe Longstreet

Photo by Santos Escobar